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Effects of Pandemic on the Plastic Machinery Industry

Şenmak, who entered the sector in a small lathe workshop in 1987, started screw and barrel production as of 1995, and today produces screw and barrel systems for the world's leading plastic machine manufacturers in the production facilities in Hadımköy, after respectively Bayrampaşa with İkitelli.

Şenmak's factory in Hadımköy is an R&D-oriented production base that is based on high technology in the field of plastic processing machines and forms the basis of value-added products. This is one of the underlying reasons for its success in the Turkish and European markets.

Noting that Şenmak has been working as an exporter with 60 percent as of the past years, Hüseyin Semerci pointed out that they experienced a serious contraction in export markets with the effect of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, and pointed out that all manufacturers in the world are experiencing similar scenarios.

Hüseyin Semerci continued his words as follows;

"We export an average of 60 percent of our production every year.

In order to increase this rate even more, we attend fairs and go on business trips to add new customers to our references in many countries of the world.

Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, France are our main export markets.

We are an approved equipment supplier to Western European machinery manufacturers that are well-known and respected around the world.

The targets we set for this year at the beginning of 2020 were to exceed the previous year.

The Covid-19 epidemic, which started in China in December and affected Europe together with our country like February-March, has not been inexperienced in how the world will maintain its life by taking a stand against this epidemic and how it will continue its business, except in areas such as food, medical and packaging sectors it pushed the consumption to decline and to postpone new investments in the industries.

Closure of country borders, travel bans, machinery and equipment manufacturers in countries where the epidemic is high have weakened in foreign trade, and each country has sought urgent needs from its solution partners in its domestic market.

Specially for Şenmak, our exports caused a decrease of 50-55 percent from the period when the epidemic broke out in our country until September.

As of September, step by step, week after week, the habits of living with the pandemic, the new normal process, and the belief that the players in the industry should focus on their business are witnessing the rise of our exports.

Today, European countries have not fully opened their borders in the context of combating the virus.

Since some countries continue to quarantine for 14 days upon entering the country, business trips still cannot be made.

In order to make a 1-week business trip in quarantined countries, you have to spend three weeks in the relevant country and 2 weeks off at home / hotel.

In many countries in Europe, white-collar personnel still continue to work from home.

The main element of marketing is that fairs were not held this year, and that some technical and commercial meetings cannot be held online, which is still an important factor in reaching full efficiency.

In trade, we are going through an epidemic process in which we can face many problems that will affect all countries and sectors with the domino effect, disconnect and disrupt the supply chain, from raw material supply to intermediate goods supply, and ultimately upset costs.

In terms of our production volume, we are the leader in our country and among the five largest producers in Europe.

Our evaluations show that even if we cannot reach the figures for 2019, we will end the year 2020 with a loss of 20-25 percent.

The domestic market, on the other hand, started autumn faster than the recovery in exports.

We display a production and sales graph similar to the domestic market performances of the previous years. Leaving worries behind, the habits to live with the current process, the return of domestic producers to their jobs and the desire to do their production without interruption reflected us positively.

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