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Bimetallic Coating on Screws

The increase in the variety of plastic materials in the processes and the use of additives with high abrasive - corrosive effect shorten the life of screws and barel very quickly.

Screws, which are made bimetallic by coating the screw threads, have higher abrasion and corrosion resistance and a longer life.

Thanks to this technique, which can be applied to all screws, standard nitration-hardened screws have a hardness depth of 0.2 mm-0.6 mm, while this layer is at least in bimetallic screws.

It is 2-3 mm and their life is 3-5 times longer than standard screws.

Screws, which are generally made of high-capacity alloy steels, are made bimetallic in CNC controlled special PTA benches by coating the tooth tops using wear and alloys.

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