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We have adopted a fast digitalization path to protect the health of our employees and stakeholders.

Stating that they did not experience any disruptions in the supply chain with the measures they took in the corona virus process, ŞENMAK General Manager Hüseyin Semerci said that they will overcome this process in the best way.
We talked with Semerci about the production process in the Covid-19 process.

Covid-19 is the world's agenda and the most vital problem ... Could you give information about your precautions and practices in this regard as a company?

As ŞENMAK, we have taken the highest level of precautions to protect the health of our employees while managing the corona virus fight process. We have appointed a leader who reports the developments in our company about corona virus measures directly to our general manager. The manager of each department also constantly supports our leader within the scope of the measures.

In the first stage, we took measures such as disinfecting the entire facility every day, masks, warning signs, protecting social distance, and closing the playgrounds. In the second phase, we switched to a rotating and home office working order, the fever of the staff was measured every day, the health of our staff and the people they lived with was monitored, we provided our guests with masks and gloves and carried out fever measurements. In order to protect the health of our employees and stakeholders, we have adopted a fast digitalization path. We hold all our meetings with more than 3 people within the company and our meetings with our customers online.

We started to regularly monitor and update the processes we created within the scope of the measures. These measures consist of 60 items today.

In the corona virus process, we continue to protect our stakeholders, employees and values ​​with all the measures we take against the determined risk factors.

To what extent was SENMAK affected in this process?

We did not experience any disruptions in our supply chain. In January, we provided the other raw materials we use, especially the qualified steel that we have to buy in our work program for 2020.

We export 65 percent of our production to European countries. While the corona virus epidemic, which deeply affects the whole world, causes dramatic declines in the demands of our foreign customers, we continue to keep our communication and coordination with our current stakeholders strong in the domestic market.

While evaluating the market dynamics in order to maintain the stability of our company in the corona virus process, we continue to develop our scenarios that reveal the income-expense risks.

We have a staff of 94 qualified personnel including our R&D center in our company ŞENMAK, which manufactures in a closed area of ​​6 thousand square meters in Hadımköy. As Şenmak, if we can still continue to fight the corona virus epidemic, we owe it to 94 of us.

As part of the fight against Covid-19, governments announce various measures. Turkey also announced an economic measure. Do you find enough? What are the missing points?

Although we find the solutions included in the "Economic Stability Shield Package", which consists of 19 articles announced by our President, positively, we believe that there will not be enough solutions to our financing problems that our company and other companies in our sector are experiencing and therefore, we believe that additional new arrangements will definitely be made that will bring solutions to our problems.

(Money and interest payments of the loans we use, postponement of the payment terms for one year and without interest, taking all manufacturing and industry sectors into the scope of interest-free breath loan application and force majeure, deferring SSI, VAT and withholding payments until the end of the year, and energy expenses without interest. like postponing until the end of the year)

Every employee has a great value in the machinery industry. At ŞENMAK, each of our employees is very valuable to us, and we contribute to their professional knowledge by providing long-term training to our employees. That's why we didn't go to decrease employment. We hope positive discrimination will be applied to exporters who do not decrease their employment.

While appreciating its positive regulations in loans, especially public banks, KGF should be more active in this process.

It is seen that this virus epidemic, declared as a pandemic by the world health organization, will cause serious damage to human life and economies.

In the "Economic Stability Shield Package", we will support the principles of 'employment and production continuity' as much as we can, and the additional economic support of our ministers who manage the economy and industry of our country, especially with the support of our President, to the companies in the manufacturing sector such as us and the companies involved in the manufacturing sector under the conditions I tried to explain we believe that they will protect it by putting it into effect.

Could you share your expectations about 2020?

As ŞENMAK, we are never pessimistic, we will continue to contribute to the economy of our country by making extraordinary efforts for new markets in this process.

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