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We are a first in polymer processing machinery, a leader in Turkey and are within the five biggest plasticizing equipment manufacturers in Europe. 


We work for more powerful and successful ŞENMAK with our Customer Oriented, Reliability, Quality, Solution Oriented, Corporation Approach, Friendship values together with respect to Universal values.

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İK Politikamız

Human Resources Policy

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To establish long-term relations with successful, rational, highly motivated employees in the way of reaching our targets.

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In the first stage of employment to select and gain the true talented candidates.

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For our employees to design and apply processes that will increase their knowledge, talents and motivation for highest contribution.

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To improve their professional talents.


To improve work environment.


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To create fair and honest opportunity for every employee.

İK Süreçlerimiz

Human Resources Route


Welcome to ŞENMAK Family!


We believe in working with the best team will bring success for that reason we work for gaining perfect talents for true positions.

ŞENMAK is the perfect company where you can find opportunities to use your knowledge, experience and talents. Are you ready for difficulties in continuously developing domestic and export markets? If so, you need to persuade us about your talents how you will add value to ŞENMAK.


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Verbal and body communication skills

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Continuous improvement

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Team Working

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Profession interview

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English and/or German levelling

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Profession information and competence tests

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Production excercises

For the position we evaluate in our technical committee for the candidate’s competence and complete the process.

Our Current open positions are issued on, LinkedIn, and You can view our job postings by clicking the links below.
İş başvurusu

For application you can use the link “Open Positions” and send your CV. 


If we have an open position for your profession we will evaluate and feed you back.

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We organize professional training courses for our employees to improve their for their personal improvement and development.


Our success is enforced by your potentials. For that reason personal and professional trainings are very important for us. We also use Rotation System for all our colleagues’ improvement.


Our aim is to increase performance and motivation with those training and improvement activities.



Our performance management system is established on targets and Competence skills.


We believe that to provide fastest results in reaching targets with high quality level we need to manage performance effectively.


By performance management system we aim to improve all our colleagues


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Prizing for sure makes everybody happy.

Recognition and Prizing improves efficiency of our employees.

All suggestions are evaluated and prized with our "I have an idea" application.

Suggestion Prizes

We also prize our employees while they improve personally and professionally in the working processes.

Improvement Prizes

Click for the text on protection of personal data.

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