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Marmara Islands Ghost Nets Project



Nets and fishing tools that fishermen have to abandon in the sea as a result of the nets getting stuck on rocks at the bottom of the sea or abandon arbitrarily in the sea, are called "Ghost Nets".

These nets move over a long distance, drifting with currents for years, hunting down anything that comes in their way like a killer. They catch small fish and attract their predators to the area; such as sharks, seabirds. The nets are responsible for trapping and killing millions of marine animals every year.

Ghost nets cause further damage by entangling living corals, drowning reefs, and attracting parasites and invasive species to reef environments.

Since the materials used in the production of net tools are of plastic origin, they continue to kill sea creatures for years, if not removed. When plastic starts to dissolve, it enters the stomach of all sea creatures as micro plastic. 




It is estimated that the ghost networks that will be extracted in 25 locations in the Marmara Archipelagos region with the Marmara Islands Ghost Nets Project will be 30 thousand to 40 thousand square meters. 20 percent of these nets are small scale fishing nets and 80 percent consists of seine nets. The aim is to recycle or reuse the extracted nets.

The recycling of these ghost nets, which destroy the marine ecosystem, will be processed in recycling facilities with the approval of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and will be used in Arçelik production facilities to become a plastic part of white goods.


One of the primary goals of the project is to raise awareness in society and contribute to sustainable living activities for all living things.

The Marmara Islands Ghost Nets Project, which became official with the approval of the Ministry, will start on June 2021. 



In order to recycle the ghost nets to be removed from the Marmara Archipelagos, the aim is to recycle these wastes and recover them to the economy, especially through industrial recovery, and negotiations continue to this end.


Hüseyin Semerci, the Chairman of the board of directors of ŞENMAK, the project sponsor who is a native of Marmara Island, pointed out the source of the problem; "The ghost nets that have drifted in our seas for years destroying all living creatures that they come across them pose a serious threat to our seas and the population of the species. With the support to be given to this movement, we will free and protect our seas from ghost nets. We are the source of the problem, we must solve it."



Anyone who wants to spread environmental awareness can contribute to the project objectives by following the "Marmara Islands Ghost Nets" social media pages.

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•    Ghost nets will be removed from the sea at 25 locations in the Marmara Archipelagos region

•    A contribution will be ensured to circular economy by recycling or reuse of the extracted nets

•    Public awareness raising activities about ghost networks will be carried out

•    Marmara Island Ghost Net Exhibition Organization, where the extracted ghost nets will be exhibited for a month will be organized.

•    Introductory meeting and press trips will take place.

•    Tourism revenues and the welfare of the islanders will be increased by diversifying diving tourism activities.

•    The fish population will increase with the improvement of the aquatic ecosystem in the locations. 


The Marmara Islands Ghost Nets Project is carried out under the sponsorship of ŞENMAK, in cooperation with Balıkesir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry and Gündoğdu Village Improvement and Beautification Association.


Balıkesir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry


Marmara Island Gündoğdu Village Improvement and Beautification Association


Şenmak Makina San. ve Tic. A. Ş.

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