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Kalite Politikamız

Our Quality Policy

Our Motto for QUALITY is ‘To serve our customers beyond their expectations.’


Our Quality Control Steps

1 - Input Control

2 - Process Control

3 - Focused Control

4 - Preferential Control

5 - Final Control

1 - Incoming Inspection

ŞENMAK developed an ERP SYSTEM which includes all process steps for all products and single parts.


For all products and single parts first step is always Incoming Inspection.

Everything is checked and reported according to previously prepared control Plans.

girdi kontrol ŞENMAK.png

2 - Process Controls

proses kontrol.png
proses kontrol-2 ŞENMAK.png

We drive our production with Work-Orders. For every work order which will be processed have a ballooned technical drawing and a control checklist.

All the checklists include all characteristics and specifications.


Production uses these documents as master document.

All operators checks and reports on our ERP System according to those documents.


This means all operators in production are also Inspectors as well.


For all inspected parts reported on the system anybody  can check online the trend and results.

3 - Focused Checks

For some specific conditions such as special characteristics, R&D Projects, précised designs etc.  We prepare a checklist during the design stage.

We assign quality department those  specifications. Quality technicians follow up and report this case.

odaklanılmış kontrol.JPG

4 - Random Checks

tercihli kontrol.JPG

Not planned but this is just in process checks. We have a quality auditor. In any time of the shift he decides to check any process and applies checks with the operator together.  This is a  double-check for our process control.

5 - Final Inspection

We apply Final Inspection for all products and single parts which are ready for delivery.


We check all dimensions and specifications. We report them on the system and prepare a measurement protocol for our customers.

final kontrol ŞENMAK.png
Gizlilik Politikamız

Our Confidentiality Policy


ŞENMAK  ensures all customers for their private information in the manner of documentation, know-how, recorded values that she will protect for third party companies or persons.

For this ŞENMAK encourages  CONFIDENTIAL CONTRACT assignment.

For a second countermeasure ŞENMAK never uses hard-copy documents. With this we prevent any unwanted delivery with our employees.

Şeffaflık Politikamız

Our Transparency Policy


We share & deliver all analysis and measurement reports including material certificates, dimensional measurements, hardening reports with our customers.

Dokümantasyon Politikamız

Our Documentation Policy


ŞENMAK is aware of that all Project he takes the responsibly is single and unique.

Beginning from 2001 we as ŞENMAK began to prepare technical data sheets and drawings for all barrels and screws and archive them.


By the way we save time when for reputation of the materials which our customers need them again.

Yaratıcılık ve Yenilikçilik

Creativity and Innovation


ŞENMAK believes the fascinating power of innovation. We know that sustainability and improvement requires  Creativity and Innovation. For this reason we have established the first R&D Centre in our new plant in İstanbul.


Most successful study was improving wear resistance material, coating and welding powders study.


ŞENMAK  R&D centre creates innovative solutions both for current production and customers needs.


ŞENMAK employs 7 Engineers and 12 Specialist in his R&D Centre. Our R&D team run projects about cost reduction, quality improvement, efficiency and functionality.




ŞENMAK assumes all customers as business partners. With this approach according to demand we study with customers about the below subjects.

•Improve processes 

•Improve common designs

•Supply R&D support

•Prototype machining

7/24 Yerinde Servis

24/7 On-site Service (in TURKEY)



Satış öncesinde; aşınma kontrolleri, teknik resim alma, teklife konu malzemenin ebatlarını ve özelliklerini belirleme; satış sonrasında ise talep edilmesi durumunda montaj ve olası problemlerle ilgili uzman ekimiz 7/24 hizmetinizde.


Böylece “Vakit nakittir” ilkesiyle yerinde ve zamanında verilen hizmet ayrıcalığını ve konforunu ŞENMAK farkıyla yaşarsınız.

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