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Contraction in the EU market will continue in 2020

The contraction experienced in the markets of European countries in 2019 also affected our Turkish companies exporting to these countries. We talked with Hüseyin Semerci, general manager of ŞENMAK Machinery, which exports 60% of its weekend production to Europe, and how the market shrinkage in European countries will affect Turkish companies.

Mr. Hüseyin started his narrative by saying, “We visited our customers in European countries with my teammates” and continued with the following words; “ŞENMAK Machinery, which has won its competitive power in the plastics processing machinery sector by making a difference in quality, design and performance by producing screw-barrels, is one of the top 5 companies in Europe in terms of production capacity, as well as one of the suppliers with a high reputation and reputation in the region.

In order to carry its leadership in domestic markets to European markets in 2004, it turned from local to international markets.

It has made business partnerships with big names in the plastic processing machinery sector of industrially developed countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Finland and the Netherlands.

The signs of slowdown coming from the global market recently, especially the recession in Europe, have also affected us.

It did not lose any customers, but the stagnation in its customers was reflected in its targets.

This situation prevented our company from reaching its growth targets in export markets for 2019.

Our company, which has strong competitors in the global market in Germany and Italy, takes the quality it produces one step further with the price performance it offers. High level of workmanship quality and customer focus are other factors that make a difference…

On the other hand, we do not see ourselves as a competitor as it has not yet achieved continuity in terms of quality-performance and has not found China in its own segment due to its long training.

The company, which produces solutions according to the needs of its customers, emphasizes that the needs of the global market require action in a global sense, and that increasing supply and demand necessitates the development of more advanced, higher quality and durable products. Our company, which has the first and only R&D Center in the sector, carries out product-based research and development studies, while keeping a close watch on all developments by providing continuous training to its personnel. Our company, relying on its product, personnel, experience and power of experience, plans to increase its export share by turning the stagnant picture into an opportunity to seek new markets, to gain strength in the current market, and to achieve its goals by establishing permanent relations with new markets. Saying that it would be wrong to expect a different commercial performance from Europe in 2020 than in 2019, Hüseyin Semerci said; He said that they confirmed this situation in the customer visits we made before and after Christmas in order to keep the pulse of 2020 before our customers.

In the three-week heavy visit traffic, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria,

Stating that they have met their 2020 targets and expectations face-to-face with their customers by traveling tens of cities and thousands of kilometers in 5 countries such as Switzerland, Semerci said that they have learned from their customers that there will be a contraction in the Plastic Processing Machinery and Equipment sector due to the contraction in the main sectors, especially in the automotive. Semerci's words, If we interpret plastic only as plastic, we will be mistaken, plastic; Automobile, white goods, agriculture, construction, textile, electricity, electronics, packaging means that the shrinkage in the plastics processing machinery sector is the harbinger of the contraction in all these sectors, it would not be wrong to say that our companies that export heavily to the EU, our traditional export market, are facing difficulties in 2020, alternative He concluded that it is necessary to look at the markets and to force alternative markets.

We will see the positive results of the stagnation in the European markets and the acceptance of Turkish companies to seek new markets while protecting their current markets as “new strategies” in the coming days.


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