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Marmara Islands Artificial Reef Project

The Marmara Islands Artificial Reef Project, which will be implemented in the Marmara Archipelago, consists of 2.400 artificial reef blocks that will be designed and placed on the seabed to increase and support the production of aquatic resources.



All kinds of man-made structures placed on the sea floor or in the water column for the purposes of protecting sensitive ecosystems, increasing marine biodiversity, preventing illegal fishing, developing diving tourism and fishing activities are called artificial reefs.

Artificial Reefs create environments suitable for the formation of life in the arid areas of the sea bottom with a desert structure, increasing the population of the species, creating, healing and developing marine resources.


The project, which will allow aquatic creatures to shelter, feed and reproduce with artificial reefs, will also contribute to fishing activities by rebuilding the underwater ecosystem in the region.


For artificial reef locations, a total of 6 areas have been determined, 5 are on the south coast of Marmara Island and 1 area is on the coast of Avşa Island.



• Contribute to the development of marine biological diversity
• Support the increase of aquatic species
• Create habitats for habitat-dependent species
• Support commercial and recreational fishing
• Prevent illegal fishing activities
• Create an alternative to insufficient natural reef areas
• Attract the attention of decision makers for marine pollution, industrial and urban development.
• Raise public awareness about marine life through PR activities
• Increase awareness and brand value of the second largest island in Turkey


The Marmara Islands Artificial Reef Project shares all developments with the public through its social media channel. All developments about the project can be accessed on the following social media accounts.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter


•   A contribution will be made to scientific research by ensuring a full understanding of ecological processes associated with artificial reefs, especially in terms of fish behavior, and by monitoring the reefs to obtain the desired biological and socio-economic products.

•    The marine ecosystem will be improved thanks to the new habitats to be developed.

•    The project will contribute to small and large scale amateur and professional fishing activities.

•    By preserving the reef structures, a sustainable ecosystem will contribute to the national economy.

•    Attention to marine life will be ensured by creating public awareness.

•    Awareness and brand value of Turkey's second largest island will be increased.

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