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Şenmak Makine Marketing Chief Melek Sarıca evaluated K 2022.

“K 2022 was a qualified exhibition that met our expectations”

She said that the K 2022 Exxhibition, which offers the opportunity to come together with the plastic and rubber industry at a global level, met their expectations. Şenmak Makine Marketing Chief Melek Sarıca said, “The K exhibition turns into a unique opportunity for us that we catch every 3 years.”

Sarıca: “The K exhibiton, we attended for the 6th time this year, once again proved its driving force. We were together with 176,000 visitors and 3037 exhibitors from all continents. We have been eagerly awaiting K2022 after almost no trade fair has been held around the world for the last three years. Although the global unpredictability and uncertainty of events are clearly felt in the sector, we noticed in K that; this did not affect the number of exhibitors or the quality of the visitors. We saw participants embrace the need to think sustainably about plastics. Solutions for the circular economy, energy/resource efficiency and sustainability were the focus. The equipment and machinery were incredible in exhibition. It was clearly felt that the awareness of social responsibility penetrated the plastics industry.”

“A unique opportunity we catch every 3 years”

Stating that 85% of the fair participants are among the potential customer portfolios, Sarıca emphasized that they had the opportunity to network face-to-face by talking to qualified and technical representatives at the fair. Sarıca continued his explanations as follows: “In the case of Şenmak, the most important aspect of K for us was the opportunity to form a face-to-face network."

We manufacture Screws and Barrels for injection and extrusion machines that produce plastic and rubber. Our customer profile consists of machine manufacturers call OEM, and end users who use these machines. So that; The K exhibition offers business opportunities to Şenmak even if all its doors are closed and no visitors are allowed in. 57% of the participants are machinery manufacturers, 28% are semi-finished or plastic and rubber parts manufacturers, which we call end users, that is, 85% of the fair participants are already in our potential customer profile. For this reason, the K turns into a unique opportunity for us that we catch every 3 years. One of the biggest advantages of K is that the exhibitors and visitors are middle and top managers. In most of our meetings, we dealt with qualified and technical representatives. Considering the global uncertainties and energy crises, we prepared a tight and aggressive calendar for K2022, made CRM developments specific to K, and successfully completed the 8-day plan with a team of 15 people in the field. Some of our talks progressed faster than we had anticipated. We established promising new customer relationships, made physical visits and meetings, hosted our existing customers at our booth and signed spontaneous business deals.

With the priority of increasing our brand awareness and market share, we will be collecting the fruits of the commercial seeds we planted in K in the short and long term.”

Turkey's interest in the fair is increasing

Stating that Turkey ranks 4th among the countries participating in the fair, Sarıca concluded her words as follows: “We are also proud of the intense participation of the Turkish plastics industry in K2022. Among the countries participating in the fair, we were in the 4th place with 185 companies after Germany, Italy and China. Our country's export-oriented and successful companies more and more attention join these platforms. In this context; I would like to thank İKMİB and PAGDER for supporting the export targets of the plastics industry.”

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